Top 5 Best Robot Mops

Best robot mopsHow often do you mop your floors? With children around, it may be every day. But, wouldn’t you like to use that time to complete another task?

I’ve been there, so I know what it’s like to have dirty floors all day long, even after mopping it a million times. Okay, maybe a million is a bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean.

Thanks to robot mops, we no longer have to spend all this time vacuuming and mopping our floors. But, with so many options on the market today, it can get a bit tedious when you have to choose just one.
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Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Harwood Floors

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Harwood FloorsAre you struggling to keep your hardwood floors looking nice and clean? I understand! I had that problem for years. Because I have pets and small children, my floors tend to get very messy, and really quickly too.

Thankfully, I discovered robotic vacuums and my cleaning routine changed! But, then there’s the challenge of finding the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors. Some products claim to have great suction, but the truth is that a lot of them suck! And, I mean, they suck next to nothing.
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Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best robot vacuum for carpetVacuuming always seems to be one of those never-ending tasks- especially if you have pets. It’s like the more you vacuum, the more you see pet hairs laying around. Well, you really can have a super clean house for a few minutes. But, once those pets or small kids start running around- that’s it!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could add a few more hours to our day? I mean- not to vacuum all day- but so you can have more productive hours even after vacuuming. I certainly would! Since that’s not an option right now, I use a robot vacuum. It allows me to keep my floors clean and I’ll still have a lot of time for other tasks.
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Comparison best roomba models

Roomba vacuumA few decades ago, if someone told you that there’d be robotic vacuums to clean your home, you may have laughed at them.
But, it’s here!
And, it seems like they’re here to stay. Pet owners may be especially happy that these vacuums exist. If you’ve ever had a dog or cat, then you know what I’m talking about. They shed hair – a lot! According to the article I’ve found on RobotBox was written by Richard Harris, the best Roomba for pet hair is Roomba 980 and after all of the tests, I agree with him! But it’s too expensive.

Having a vacuum that is able to clean your floors while you relax seems to be a great idea. But, these types of vacuums don’t come cheap at all. The Roomba models seem to be the most popular one on the market today. They’re not necessarily the cheapest, but they seem to do an exceptionally good job at vacuuming.
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