Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best robot vacuum for carpetVacuuming always seems to be one of those never-ending tasks- especially if you have pets. It’s like the more you vacuum, the more you see pet hairs laying around. Well, you really can have a super clean house for a few minutes. But, once those pets or small kids start running around- that’s it!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could add a few more hours to our day? I mean- not to vacuum all day- but so you can have more productive hours even after vacuuming. I certainly would! Since that’s not an option right now, I use a robot vacuum. It allows me to keep my floors clean and I’ll still have a lot of time for other tasks.

Over the last few years, I’ve used quite a few of them. I’ve found that some models work best on bare floors and others are great for carpets. It’s even more amazing when I find one that works well on high-pile (thick) carpets. In this article, I’ll be focusing on 5 of the best robot vacuums for carpet that I’ve found.

If you’re strapped for time and you’d like to know my top recommendation for the best vacuum for thick carpet, it’s the Roomba 980. However, all these models do a fantastic job picking up even the smallest pieces of pet hair and dirt from carpets.
So, let’s get into it!

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79Eufy RoboVac 11+DeikILIFE A4sRoomba 980
Run time100 minutes95 minutes90 minutes120 - 140 minutes120 minutes
Charging time3-4 hours6 hours4.5 hours5 hours2 hours
Noise Level (db.)645950-606570
Wi-Fi Support
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Edge & Single RoomEdge, Spot, and MaxNew S-shaped route, auto, spot, wall follow cleaning, and Turbo boostSpot, edge, and planned cleaning modesAuto
Navigation3 types of Anti-Drop SensorsSmart navigation systemSmart navigation systemEntirely random navigationiAdapt® 2.0 Navigation
HEPA filter
Scheduling Function
Carpet modeLow-pile CarpetMedium-Pile CarpetLow-pile CarpetLow-pile CarpetCarpet Boost mode

1. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79– A Great Alternative to the Roomba 980

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If you look at the Deebot N79 from afar, you’ll see that it has a very striking resemblance to the Roomba 980. At just 3 inches high and just under 6 pounds, it is one of the best robot vacuum for carpets on the market today. It does a great job on hard surface floors too.
One of the features that makes this robot vacuum great for lifting dirt from carpets is the brush-roll. It is uniquely designed so it actually separates the carpet fibers for a deeper clean. But, one drawback to the brush-roll is that it will require some cleaning and maintenance periodically.

Other things to love about this vacuum:
  • It has anti-collision sensors and drop sensor protection
  • There are soft bumpers on the edges
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • There’s smart motion navigation integrated into its system.
What we like?
  • It has a remote which makes it incredibly easy and convenient to operate.
  • The battery lasts for up to 100 minutes once it’s fully charged.
  • You can schedule your cleaning times, so you can even clean when you’re not home.
  • It doesn’t get stuck as much as some other models.
What we don’t like?
  • It can take as much as 4 hours before it’s fully charged.
  • It can’t be programmed to resume cleaning where it stopped, if the battery dies.
Overall, the Ecovacs Deebot N79 is a fantastic device. If you love the Roomba 980 but your budget forbids you to purchase it, this is a great alternative. Sure, it does fall a bit short when it comes to compatibility with Alexa. However, for the price and the job that it does, you’ll realize that it’s a great buy. Pet owners may be especially appreciative of it since it can suck up all the pet hair that tends to cover your floors daily.

2. Eufy RoboVac 11+ (Power Boost Tech)– Great for Pet Hair

Eufy RoboVac 11+
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An upgraded replacement for the Eufy Robovac 11, this robot vacuum has a lot to offer. It has a decent-sized filter (bigger than the 11) and a relatively powerful motor compared to many other models of robot vacuums. Most noticeably though, is its ability to climb onto low-pile rugs and carpets.

Since it has very good suction, it’s able to pick up a lot of dust and debris from carpets. Unfortunately, if you have one of those fluffy/thick carpets, you may notice that it’ll get stuck once or maybe even a few times. So, while I think that it’s one of the best robot vacuums for carpet, it may not do so well on thicker carpets.
On the other hand, it does a fantastic job of removing pet hair from hard floors and low-pile carpets. So, if your pets shed just as much hair as mine, this is a budget-friendly, high-quality option.

Other amazing features of this robot vacuum are:
  • Different cleaning modes
  • 3-point cleaning system for a better and more effective clean
  • Infrared sensor for avoiding obstacles
  • Low profile design so it can get in hard-to-reach places
  • High-performing filter
What we like?
  • It’s super quiet while it’s running (just about 59 decibels compared to most robot vacuums at 70)
  • It returns to the docking station automatically if the battery is running low.
  • Although it has a brush-roll, it’s easy to clean.
  • It navigates well around furniture and other items.
What we don’t like?
  • It doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities
  • The manufacturer does not supply replacement batteries for the unit.
Don’t want to break the bank just so you can clean your home more conveniently? Then the Eufy RoboVac11+ should be high on your list of options. Although it really isn’t in the big leagues like the Roomba 980, it gets the job done fairly well.

3. Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner– Cheap Alternative to the Roomba 980

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The DEIK Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most intelligent robot vacuums you can get your hands on today. It has a built-in 3D filter in addition to its HEPA filter and many other standard features. One of its most unique features, however, is the smart mopping technology that’s integrated into its system. With this function, you can mop and vacuum the floors all at once.

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about this vacuum is its price. You won’t have to spend several hundreds of dollars to buy it, and it doesn’t require extensive maintenance either. Plus, it’s pretty easy to use. You just have to make sure it’s charged and then you select the cleaning mode you prefer.

Other great things about this vacuum:
  • It has four different cleaning modes (auto, border, spot and zigzag-planned cleaning)
  • Large dustbin (0.8L)
  • Infrared (anti-collision), gyro and drop sensors
  • 90-minute runtime
What we like?
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It can vacuum and mop your floors at once.
  • It performs well on low-pile carpets and hard floors.
  • While running, it remains very quiet compared to many other robot vacuums.
What we don’t like?
  • It may not be able to remove some stains from hard floors when it mops.
  • Doesn’t do a commendable job on high-pile carpets.
  • Sometimes it may take as much as 5 hours to be fully charged.
Bigger than many other robot vacuums, the DEIK may not get into some of those very tight spots and under low-lying furniture and appliances. But, for its amazingly low price, you can have very clean floors and well-vacuumed carpets. It has really good reviews from many users too. So, it goes to show that the vacuum is a really good product overall.

4. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner– Another Great and Affordable Robot Vacuum

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The iLife is one of the lightest robot vacuums on the market today. Weighing less than 5 pounds, it can navigate around an entire room or even a floor to vacuum both hard floors and carpets. Although it doesn’t have bumper guards around it, you shouldn’t notice scuffs or marks on your furniture if it bumps into it.

It seems to pick up way more dirt than many other models. But, the drawback to that is the time that it takes to clean. While many other models can take as little as a few minutes to clean, the iLife A4s can take up to 2 hours to clean a comparable space. However, it you’re looking for a vacuum that’s very thorough, it doesn’t get much better than this device.

A few other things you may love about the iLife A4s:
  • It has HEPA filters
  • 1-year warranty
  • Long battery life (2.5 hours)
  • Infrared sensors
What we like?
  • It’s very inexpensive.
  • The remote makes it easy and convenient to use.
  • It cleans corners and against walls very well.
  • The navigation on the robot vacuum is much better than many other vacuums on the market.
  • You can schedule it to run daily even when you’re not home.
What we don’t like?
  • You can’t control it with your smartphone or other Wi-Fi connected systems.
  • It doesn’t work well on thick carpets.
  • Sometimes it may get ‘confused’ and need a reset.
At just 3 inches, you’ll find that the iLife A4s can get under most types of furniture and appliances. But, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that deep cleans, you may be a bit disappointed with this one. Although it has great suction and can pick up a lot of fine and light debris, it’s really meant for maintaining clean floors rather than deep cleaning it.

5. Roomba 980– Editor’s Choice

Roomba 980
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Reading about all the other vacuums was really a build-up this point. The Roomba 980 is a truly premium robot vacuum. We consider it the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet. This means that it also does a remarkable job on low-pile carpet too. Although it’s the most expensive robot vacuum in this review, you certainly will see what you pay for.

It has superb navigational skills, Wi-Fi connectivity and is small enough to get into those small spaces that your regular vacuum may be unable to reach. With one of the most powerful suction capacity in the industry, it tends to pick up everything on the floor that it passes over. But, if you have a very cluttered home, using this vacuum may not produce great results.

Here are some other reasons why you may love the Roomba 980:
  • Dirt sensors (it focuses on messier areas)
  • Carry handle
  • 2-year warranty
  • Advanced navigation technology
  • Cliff sensor, IR sensors
  • Soft bumpers (doesn’t damage furniture)
What we like?
  • In can be fully charged in less than 3 hours after running for 2 hours
  • It can climb onto high pile carpets and does a great job picking up hard-to-reach dirt
  • There are several ways that you can control its function (The app, Alexa and Google Assistant)
  • It automatically returns to the dock for charging and can resume vacuuming where it left off.
What we don’t like?
  • It’s very expensive.
  • It seems a bit heavy compared to many other robot vacuums.
The Roomba works best when there isn’t a ton of stuff on the floor, as its sensors prevents if from bumping into things and it’ll avoid those areas. But, it’s great for cleaning multiple rooms- a task that only a few robot vacuums can handle.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s be honest. Not everyone needs a robot vacuum. In fact, traditional vacuums tend to work so much better. But, if you really want to keep your home spic and span without having to spend hours vacuuming, a robot vacuum is the way to go.

Before you decide which one to buy, there are a few things that you have to consider. After all, I’m sure you don’t want to end up with a vacuum that leaves all the pet hair lying on the floor even after vacuuming for hours. Carpets are even trickier. And, only a few models are able to effectively tackle thick carpets.
So, what should you think about? Here are some tips.

Quick tips
  • The type of surface that you’re planning to clean will have a big impact on the type of robot vacuum that you select. If you have combination flooring that includes carpet and bare floors, better suction will enable your vacuum to clean both.
  • The longer your robot vacuum takes to charge, the more inconvenient and the longer it may take to clean your room or home.
  • Although they’re not a necessity as they won’t affect how well the vacuum cleans, features such as a remote, Wi-Fi and scheduling can come in handy.
  • The standard battery life for a robot vacuum is about 60mins. Anything less than that is unsatisfactory. Some devices can even run continuously for up to 2hours before the battery goes dead. So, get the best bang for your buck.
  • Not every robot vacuum can clean an entire house at once. Some are meant to clean just one room. So, make sure that the vacuum you’re selecting can clean the entire area that you need it to clean. Don’t forget that some are even able to memorize your rooms for better cleaning.
  • Cleaning time and cleaning speed is a big factor in how much area gets cleaned within a particular time. If you want a fast clean, you should pay attention to this feature.

Are More Expensive Robot Vacuums Better Than Cheaper Ones?

This is a question that many people may be asking themselves. I mean, initially, I thought that the more you spent, the more features you’d receive, the better the suction and the better the product. Boy, was I wrong! If you thought the same, welcome to the club!

There are many highly overpriced robot vacuums on the market today. Don’t let the high prices fool you! It’s not a great idea to get drawn in by those super low prices either. The best thing to do is research the product that catches your attention.

Unbiased and honest reviews such as this are a great way to find out about the pros and cons of any product you’re interested in buying. If you’re thinking about going with a specific brand, be sure to check its reliability too. There may be a particular model that will work best for you.

For the most part, higher prices for robot vacuums tend to mean that there are more features present. But, there are many reasonably priced vacuums that can perform just as well or even outperform those expensive models. Just ensure that whatever device you end up selecting, it will be a good value for your money.

Do You Have Pets?

This is probably one of the top reasons for having a robot vacuum. Well, if you have a toddler or some small kids creating food trails daily, then you may need a robot vacuum too. But, pet hair is possibly a true test for your robot vacuum.

Sometimes it’s quite easy for us not to notice pet hair. That’s because their hair tends to be very short, fine and lightweight. It also means that it may not be the easiest thing for a vacuum to pick up either. So, if your vacuum doesn’t have good suction, it could leave a lot of pet hair laying around even after you’ve gone over the area a few times.

Finding a vacuum that is powerful to remove these fine, stubborn hairs is truly a task. Thankfully, there are many vacuums on the market such as the Roomba 980 that has extremely powerful suction. They’re able to remove even the finest and smallest pet hair, even from thick carpeted floors.

So, how do you know which ones have better suction? The higher the airflow or CFM (cubic feet per minute), the better the suction power. And, don’t forget that a clogged brush-roll can lead to reduced suction power.

What About Noise Level?

One of the drawbacks to robotic vacuums is the amount of noise it makes while running- especially on carpet. Many users have complained of it. I mean, you purchase this ‘small’ little guy to clean your floors so you don’t have to pull out the big guy. Who really expects such a small device to be as noisy as the big one? But, the truth is, those tiny little things can give off some loud vacuuming sounds at times, especially on carpets.

So, how important is vacuum noise to you? If you live in an apartment with thin walls, then you may limit your vacuuming to certain hours. With some robotic vacuums, the same applies. However, there are a few models that are pretty quiet while they’re running.

For reference, a normal conversation tends to be about 60-70 decibels and the average dishwasher tends to be about 80 decibels. Although you’ll find some robotic vacuums operating at decibels lower than normal conversations, there are many that don’t. But, it really only matters if you’re concerned about how loud it can get.

Will Your Robot Vacuum Require Maintenance?

This is definitely something you should look out for before you purchase your robot vacuum. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Can you imagine having to clean your vacuum after every single run? Not fun, right? After all, you did purchase it because you were trying to spend less time cleaning.

Yet, some vacuums require a higher level of maintenance than others. For instance- the rolling brush (brush-roll). For some models, it’s not removable. In a case like this, the brush tends to be much more difficult to clean. But, although the removable brush rolls are easier to clean, there are some robot vacuums that have tangle-free brushes or no brush at all.

There are some vacuums that are harder to pull apart too. Here’s a tip- the easier it is to pull apart, the greater the possibility of it being easy to clean. Some robot vacuums have a much larger bin too. This means that you may not have to empty it every time your robot vacuum cleans your floors.

At the end of the day, there’s hardly a one-size-fits-all when it comes to robot vacuums. So, just make sure that the one you select is perfect for the conditions of your home and meets your requirements for convenience. Of course, you want to also make sure that it does a great job. That sort of goes without saying, right?

My Final Recommendations

Throughout this article, I’ve given a lot of details about five amazing robotic vacuums. Each has its own set of advantages, but there are also a few drawbacks. The good thing about that is that the same things won’t matter to us all.
So, here’s what it really comes down to:

  • If you’re looking to purchase the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet or the overall best robot vacuum for carpet, the Roomba 980 is my pick for you.
  • On a limited budget but you still want one of the best robot vacuum for carpets? Then the Deik is a great choice. It will even mop your floors.
  • Have a little bit more to spend but you’re still not willing to spend on the Roomba 980, then the iLife A4s may be the one for you.
  • The best robot vacuum for pet hair is hands down the Eufy Robovac 11+. It’s affordable and isn’t very high-maintenance too.
  • And, if you’ve been dying to get the Roomba 980 but you’re not willing to spend that much, the Ecovacs Deebot N79 is the way to go.
All the best on your quest for finding the ultimate robot vacuum!

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